2015 State of the CCC

After three years now in the “new” building, we are settling into our new identity with a bigger staff, a broader range of services and many more enthusiastic kids. The CCC continues to provide great child care to the NIST and federal community, and the center’s expansion enabled us to serve more families from a younger age. Along with the expansion has come new challenges as well, as we have had to learn infant and toddler care and adapt to a changing landscape of child care regulations and expectations.

As we move forward in keeping the CCC great, I want to highlight a few focus areas:
  • “Whole Child” Initiative – At the CCC, we focus on developing all aspects of a child’s well-being, including the cognitive, the creative, fine and gross motor skills, language and expression, social interaction and healthy choices. In the coming months you’ll see new “DLM Early Childhood Express” curriculum packages rolled out in the “fours” rooms, with curriculum roll-out in the “threes” room planned for next school year. You’ll also see new play equipment for the rainy days in the multi-purpose room and we are planning additional school year enrichment programs (similar to the summer specials).
  • CCC First Impressions – Hopefully you’ve noticed some new touches as we have grown into the new building with more bulletin boards, the lobby monitor for daily announcements and reminders, the wonderful salt water aquarium and the new shade structures on the playground.
  • Quality recognition – Many years ago, the CCC held NAEYC accreditation, the gold standard for child care, but was unable to maintain it due largely to decaying infrastructure at the Bowman house. With our superb new quarters, we have begun EXCELS, which is a state-run metric program, with the goal of being fully registered by July 1, 2016. As we fulfill the requirements and make adjustments to our operations, we expect to reach four stars!
  • Digital Copy – Parents are busy people, and the paper notice in the cubby doesn’t always survive the ride home. We have launched parents.nistkids.org with the goal of posting a copy of all those pesky papers, providing menus and eventually forms. We also use parent email lists, provide info on Facebook and Twitter and offer a wireless hotspot in the lobby.
  • Developmental Screenings – In the next few weeks, parents of all ages will be asked to participate in the “Ages and Stages” developmental screening program that will become mandatory statewide next summer. The CCC is able to work with county and state programs to provide early intervention onsite if parents choose to address a concern.
  • Financial Soundness – Although we are non-profit, we still strive to keep a simple and solid business model that invests in the future of the CCC, provides for our staff but is fair to our customers. After finishing slightly in the red in FY14 (due to the government shutdown), we expect to finish FY15 slightly in the black. In August, the BOD passed a $1.85M budget with a small tuition increase that is expected to keep the CCC healthy in the next year.
  • Staff Loyalty and Retention – We continue to attract and retain excellent, dedicated staff and proactively work to retain them by offering affordable health care, paid time off and competitive wages. This is the core of our program and thus is the core of our investments.
Thank you for being a part of our program and helping to make the CCC great!

The NIST Child Care Association Board of Directors
CCC President,
Oct 7, 2015, 6:06 PM