Welcome NIST Families!

Welcome to the NIST Child Care Center! (CFC #32392)*

Whether you are a mom, dad or guardian, you want your child to have a loving, caring, wholesome environment in which to play and learn. We understand the need to provide quality child care at a reasonable price and are excited to offer this service to the NIST community. We offer options for full-time or part-time child care, kindergarten, before and after school care, Montgomery County Public School closings, and snow days where space available for children aged 6 weeks-5th grade.Our mission is to encourage and promote the total social, physical, emotional, and academic development of each child in a safe, nurturing and supportive learning environment.
All NIST employees, NIST Associates and other federal government employees with children or grandchildren ages (e.g. Summer Camp and Before/After School Care) are eligible to enroll their children in the Center. The Center admits children of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. We believe that finances should not prevent you from placing your little pea in our care and scholarship assistance is available to qualifying families.

Contact us at nistchld@nist.gov or (301) 975-2152 to inquire about availability or to arrange a facility visit. The parent handbook and other information on governance can be found http://www.nist.gov/ccc.

Welcome to new and current family members of the NIST CCC!

With upcoming transitions and many events coming up this fall, we offer the following communication channels listed below. To keep up to date on how your child is doing, center events, and CCC handbook and policies please refer to:

3. Facebook and Twitter

Bad weather?

Our operating status is tied to the status of the NIST campus.  NIST announces closures on its homepage, via Facebook, Twitter, email and on the NIST status line - (301) 975-8000.  Based on NIST's status, the CCC status is given on our weather policy page.


*Funds received by through the CFC are used for our "scholarship" program that provides tuition assistance critical to insuring that the CCC is financially accessible to all of the NIST community.

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